JAMIE SINGLETON reviews Tayari Jones’s novel, An American Marriage. In June, Tayari Jones’s An American Marriage won the Women’s Fiction Prize, snatching the prestige from a slew of esteemed novels – including Anna Burns’s 2018 Man Booker fiction winner Milkman – to carve her notch in the totem of the American canon. Despite being Jones’s fourth novel, this is the first of her works to appear in print in the UK. There can be little doubt, however, that with this  readable and quietly razor-sharp novel, Jones is surely destined for relevance. A novel about the marriage of two young African-Americans, Roy and Celestial, and what is essentially their fall from paradisiacal youth into the jaws of America’s most sinister institution, An American Marriage is an ambitious, but unpretentious work. The central event is the false accusation that Roy has raped an older woman in a rural motel. Wrongfully incarcerated for…Continue Reading

An American Marriage