SOPHIE PARKER reviews UCOpera’s Libuše at the Bloomsbury Theatre. University College Opera masterfully presented the British premiere of Bedřich Smetana’s 1872 opera, Libuše, at the newly refurbished Bloomsbury Theatre. As is traditional for the company, the cast and orchestra both consisted of a mix of students and professionals, adding a professionalism which some other university performances may lack. It did, however, have the less fortunate secondary effect of making the students in business dress look a little like they were on a spring week placement, rather than the directors and board of an unnamed Big Four firm. Anyone even slightly familiar with Smetana’s opera might be wondering what corporate law has to do with Princess Libuše (Kirstin Sharpin) and her medieval court — and justifiably so. Under the direction of Cecilia Stinton, the UCOpera production brought the opera’s brotherly tension and monarchical politics into the modern day, with the Princess having inherited…Continue Reading