IZZY DOCKERY travels across Europe by exploring the novels of E.M. Forster, Sally Rooney and Nikolai Leskov. Since embarking on my previous literary excursion, the coronavirus pandemic in the UK has calmed down enough for lockdown to have eased. This allowed many of us to enjoy the July sun and catch up with the friends we hadn’t seen in months. The easing of lockdown has come as a relief to many, particularly those in overcrowded households amongst other difficult situations, who are now able to leave their homes and gain space from their families or cohabiters. Despite the recently lifted restrictions, however, I, like many others, am still hesitant to travel. Between navigating social distancing rules and remaining cautious about exposing myself and others to the virus, I have decided to stay put and continue my literary journey, now shifting my gaze towards Europe. Having lived in Europe all my…Continue Reading

Travelling through literature 2/3 – Europe

IZZY DOCKERY travels through Asia by immersing herself into the novels of Salman Rushdie, Jung Chang and Haruki Murakami. Since we first went into lockdown almost four months ago, I, like many students, found my summer plans disrupted. New social distancing measures not only compromised university classes and job opportunities, but they destroyed the possibility of days spent procrastinating with friends. For the first few months, I was able to keep busy, navigating Zoom classes and online exams which took up all of my headspace as the university deliberated how they would weigh this year toward our final grades.  It was only after finishing my last exam that I really started to notice the boredom. With my work and travel plans disrupted by Covid-19, I sat on the couch all day watching Netflix. The pandemic made nearly all forms of travel impossible. With restrictions on domestic travel, any chance of…Continue Reading

Travelling Through Literature 1/3 – Asia