READ Curator’s note: This post is the last instalment of a 3-part short story. The first two instalments can be found on the SAVAGE website, under the READ section! Do check them out if you haven’t already!  A short story by DANIEL LEE. We decided to make our way back onto the mainland before the sun set. We found our way to the bus terminal in Tronchetto. Even Xin Ying was beginning to feel tired. “Let’s go someplace quiet for dinner,” she said. “I want to sleep, man.” “Same,” I groaned. We stood at the raised pavement beside the bus park. A row of people had formed beside us, bodies arched, eyes peering across the bridge that connected Venice to the mainland. Suddenly she placed her head on my shoulder. I embraced her, smelling the lavender in her hair. Then, from below, her voice, muffled against my chest: “Do you…Continue Reading

Longkang (Part 3)

A poem by WERONIKA BRZEZINSKA. The entire world: shadow of the moon, the past, the soon, caught in your eyes, and wants to play hide and seek with us. Come! Above our heads a million lights, beneath our feet a million lives whispering their stories to blades of grass that pass them onto us in sound and scent and swing. See? The sun is pulling the horizon down by a string. A renegade in retrograde, like me. Sunburnt sky, red my lips, Evening flare, burn my tongue, Swaying waves, teach my hips how to dance to summer’s song. Can you hear it, the music in the distance? Listen… The wind is whistling a tune for two, will you sway with me if I sway with you? Here we are, now we are, as we are d a n c i n g hiding from our decadence, silent by coincidence, waiting…Continue Reading

At Sunset