NIKI KOHANDEL is an artist entering her second year at the Slade. Working mostly with film and digital print, her interests lie in filming things that can be nurtured but also grow out of control: mothers, daughters, house gardens. RUBY ANDERSON interviewed her about her work and what inspires it.  What initially attracted you to the medium of film? I really got into it by chance. I had this editing project on my art foundation [course] where we were asked to look at found footage. So it started with the process of editing. But then coming to the Slade I was pushed to start making my own films and create new images. I was in a painting pathway, and I was really shocked when I realised that film is pretty much like painting. You can do so many things just by layering and changing the colours. What kind of things…Continue Reading

Interview: Niki Kohandel

SELENA SCOTT is a painter going into her second year at the Slade. Her portraits illustrate the complexities in identity caused by acculturation and racism, exploring hyper-masculinity and prejudice. JEAN WATT interviewed her about her practice.  Red Flower is Power is your most recent painting. What was the process of making that like? I actually started this piece before lockdown, I had originally started it in 2018 which was a year before I came to the Slade. I had taken this picture of my cousin and I knew I wanted to paint it, but I hated the initial outcome. I left it for a while but recently returned to the image after finding a recording I had taken of him speaking about his experience of gang violence in Barbados. So I decided to redo it because I felt that it had the potential to become something meaningful and I wanted…Continue Reading

Interview: Selena Scott