PERA CUMUR discusses the downfall of Californian label Burger Records, and the distorted legacy of groupie culture.  In July 2020, the emblematic Californian label and record store Burger Records, associated with bands such as Thee Oh Sees and The Growlers, abruptly ceased to exist. Unlike similar businesses relying on live music to survive, this fall was not due to the economic hardships and limitations brought about by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, but was rather inflicted by a pandemic of a very different kind: that of rape culture.  What started as a specific case of abuse involving a single musician, from a band not even part of the Burger Records catalogue, unleashed an array of victims’ voices and shed light on the wicked inner workings of the LA independent rock scene. On July 10th 2020, Chloe Razink, a young woman from San Diego, published a thread on Instagram accusing…Continue Reading

Burgergate and the Fall of Groupie Culture

Everyone’s Invited is a social movement committed to tackling rape culture through conversation, education and support. What began as a mere Instagram story soon blossomed into a wide-scale movement, in which information, resources and stories can be shared and exchanged. This safe space for survivors seeks to empower people everywhere, of all ages, in order to combat rape culture and sexual harassment at every level of society. SHANTI GIOVANNETTI-SINGH interviewed one of the founders and UCL graduate SOMA SARA to understand more about the movement and what the future holds for Everyone’s Invited.   What prompted you to start the project? Was it something that you’d been planning for a long time, or was it more of an impulsive decision? It was completely spontaneous. Michaela Coel’s [BBC television series] I May Destroy You (2020) forced me to re-evaluate every sexual encounter I’ve ever had, as well as reassess everyday interactions. After…Continue Reading

Interview: Everyone’s Invited