ISABEL JACKSON details the ongoing struggle and persecution of the Rohingya.  Despite being ‘the most persecuted minority in the world’ according to the UN, the Rohingya receive an almost negligible amount of coverage in Western mainstream media. The Rohingya people are a Muslim minority ethnic group in Myanmar, who have been routinely discriminated against and terrorised by the Buddhist majority state. This continues despite the fact that the Rohingya have existed in the area for thousands of years. This hatred towards them culminated in what was effectively a genocide in 2017. Now they are left without future prospects or a nation to call home, forced into dependency on limited foreign aid. To outsiders, the problems facing the Rohingya may appear to have diminished since 2017. Yet this is far from true, with the Rohingya needing action and change now more than ever with the onset of COVID-19. At the start…Continue Reading

Rohingya: Stateless and Neglected