biogal_, also known as Jamie Cottle, is a non-binary transfemme interdisciplinary artist who studies English at UCL. Shelby de Rond interviewed them about their practices. What have you been up to at the moment? I’ve recently moved back up to London with my girlfriend. We’ve been trying to protest as much as we can, doing a little bit of organising, and then we’ve also just been chilling out, watching old campy B-movies and trying to spend some time together because we weren’t together over lockdown. That sounds really nice. Have you been able to work much with your artistic side by creating anything recently? Yeah, I’m constantly Facetuning; that’s something I’ve never really stopped doing. The great thing about it is that it’s all mobile so I can just take a photo, Facetune it and get going. I’m quite lucky compared to some other artist’s processes; my process is often…Continue Reading

Interview: biogal_