POOR MOTHER is a multi-disciplinary artist finishing their first year at the Slade. Their drawings, performances and writing play with ideas of the surreal whilst working with elements of reality. JEAN WATT interviewed them about their practice.  What have you been up to at the moment? I’ve been trying to keep going with art as normal. I’ve also been making T-shirts which has been fun and feels like more of a hobby. It’s made me think about my drawings a lot more. In terms of reading, I’ve mostly been reading science fiction, which influences my writing. I’ve also been reading a lot about the uncanny as an influence for my work about surreality. It’s almost the opposite [of surreality]. The uncanny kind of shakes your reality and forces you to acknowledge something out of your control but surreality is making you accustomed to weirdness and surreal situations.  What work have you been…Continue Reading

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