OKIKI AKINFE is a painter in her second year at the Slade. JEAN WATT interviewed her about how her practice has evolved this year. What have you been up to at the moment? Honestly, I think a lot of it has been distracting myself. I’ve finally started Killing Eve and Fleabag. With everything that’s going on at the moment I’m trying to take care of myself. I know everyone is reading and educating themselves [in the wake of the BLM Movement] which is really good and which I want everyone to do, but I think sometimes when you are a Black person, it can be a bit traumatic to constantly read everything again and re-see these experiences. What were you doing most recently at the Slade when you had a studio? I think I was getting to a place where I was really getting comfortable with the paintings, looking at…Continue Reading

Interview: Okiki Akinfe