WENDY MIN JI CHOI interrogates the choices for the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature over the past two years. ‘So, what’s wrong with Bob Dylan?’ On the morning of October 14th, 2016, my engineer friend and I were sitting at the kitchen table, lazily pouring cereal into our bowls, when she asked me this question. I was still in the process of getting used to this routine of breakfast-at-seven, and simply replied, ‘What?’ ‘What’s so bad about Bob Dylan? Why do you guys hate him?’ I should perhaps clarify that by ‘you guys’ she meant people who study English, and ‘bad’ meant ‘unqualified’; and all this was identifiable because she, as I said, was an engineer and didn’t understand what was ‘self-explanatory’ to the people of literature. ‘Pretty obvious, isn’t it,’ I answered, ‘why would she say he’s a great poet, he’s a folk singer. I mean, the…Continue Reading