RUBY ANDERSON reviews London Grads Now. at Saatchi Gallery and considers the implications of graduate shows being cancelled. For people undertaking creative degrees, the final moment is what counts. Years of gruelling experimentation and countless hours spent pouring over projects in a studio (not to mention the countless pennies spent on materials) boil down to one crucial showcase: a graduate show. Individuals produce a selection of works that summarise years’ worth of creative endeavour, that will hopefully ease their entry into the saturated art market of today. However, for the graduating class of 2020, this was not an option, with studies inevitably being cut short as we entered the summer term to adapt to the coronavirus situation. But while online teaching and assessment translated relatively smoothly for academic disciplines, the prospect of an online degree show left many students feeling somewhat forgotten about, despite this idea being put forward by…Continue Reading

Review: London Grads Now.

RUBY ANDERSON reviews UCL Art Society’s Virtual Exhibition, Natural/Unnatural. The theme of UCL Art Society’s annual exhibition could not have been more prudent for the current global climate. Natural/Unnatural emphasised the disparity between the things we accept or assume to be normal and that which is fact extraordinary, uncanny, or even disturbing. Questioning what is perceived as ‘natural’ at a time where normal life has been put on pause is refreshing in its ambiguity; as the opening line of the exhibition’s foreword purports, this theme raises more questions than it answers. This of course led to an enormously successful degree of creative interpretation. Firstly, the cohesiveness of this exhibition must be praised considering its digital format. Like many galleries this year, UCL Art Society were forced to make their annual exhibition available for online viewing. In my previous experiences, viewing artworks online can often make works feel flat or muted,…Continue Reading