SAVAGE Sounds presents ‘Intersect’, the first podcast of the year.  In their first outing, George Horner and Alizay Agha discuss the relationship between Black Lives Matter and music. From Beyoncé to emerging artists such as Tiff Massey, they investigate the symbiotic relationship between their music and the movement. In addition, they discuss the different attitudes towards Islam within the British press, including Channel 4’s polemic documentary ‘My Week as a Muslim‘. Also mentioned in this podcast: British Black History Month, Harvard BLM   Links to everything mentioned in the podcast:   


WAFIA ZIA argues that the government’s anti-terrorism scheme is isolating young Muslims and doing little to combat radicalisation. The narrative starts off the same. Hands on the prayer mat, whispering three times while in a sajdah. But this time, like many others, is slightly different. An elderly woman from outside of the hospital prayer room begins to scream and shout, calling to us. The peace that once occupied the space has now been replaced with a numbing shrill. ‘You’re all disgusting, disgusting, disgusting’. The words echo in my head as she leaves. Sitting up, I turn to my friend as she mutters: ‘ugly cow’. I smirk. But there’s a nagging, guilty feeling in my throat. Why is it that the people who are often the most hurt are also those who suffer the most interrogation? The truth is that everywhere you go as a Muslim, you will find hatred. Institutions that…Continue Reading

The Prevent Scheme