JARVIS CARR reviews Hogir Hirori and Shinwar Kamal’s wartime documentary, The Deminer. There is no music to accompany Colonel Fakhir in the introductory scene of The Deminer (2017) as we sit and watch him deactivate one of the six hundred IEDs (improvised explosive devices) which span his decade-long military career. Instead he stands alone in a wide shot which envelops a vast and empty field lined with dozens of mines; one man driven by a perseverance derived from his own family, a hope that he may make a difference despite the futility of the task he faces. The documentary is comprised of three sources: interviews from Fakhir’s son and wife (Abdullah and Sheyma Fakhir), footage from his personal camcorder depicting both his footage from the Iraq war, and of his ongoing battle against the Islamic State who planted an indefinite number of mines in Mosul. One such tape shows Fakhir and his…Continue Reading