CAROLINA ABBOTT GALVÃO discusses the effect of gentrification on London’s Latin American community in light of recent events in Elephant and Castle.  Moving between different areas of London can often feel like traversing through different cities. Locations often have unique lives, cultures, and symbols of their own. As I exited the tube station at Elephant and Castle, a place I had only seen before at night, the first structure that caught my eye was a boxy modernist building. A sombre-looking giant, the Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre stands proudly despite its unconventional exterior. Its bright blue details protrude boldly against the concrete around it. Looking at the centre from a distance, it’s easy to see it as what many people have accepted it to be: an architectural blunder scheduled for demolition. However, a closer look at the landmark and its immediate surroundings tells another, more layered story. As I enter…Continue Reading

The Latin American Castle