JONNY HARVEY reviews Carlos Sorín’s 2004 comedy, Bombón: El Perro, shown as part of The Cinema Museum’s Argentinian Film Season. Bombón: El Perro is a minimalist offering on what happens when a man on the scrapheap of life is given a second chance in the form of a pedigree hound, with director Carlos Sorín providing a gently funny insight into the dog shows and purebred breeding occurring against the harsh Patagonian landscape. Fired from his job as a petrol station mechanic and forced to live with his daughter and her new-born baby in their cramped apartment, Juan “Coco” Villegas’s (Played by Villegas himself) mechanical skills offer him a second chance in life in the shape of a purebred Dogo Argentino, gifted to him by a kind widow in thanks for some work. This is Bombón, a dog of renowned pedigree lineage and with whom Villegas and his dog-training friend Walter Donado (also…Continue Reading

Bombón: El Perro

LYDIA DE MATOS reviews Olivier Assayas’s latest film Non-Fiction. Concerned primarily with questions of the transition of media into the digital age, Non-Fiction (2019) is a film which attempts to establish itself as a portrait of modern times, attuned to the current zeitgeist of technological anxiety. However, an inherent contradiction is found in the way director Olivier Assayas chooses to present us with his view of the modern age. Despite marketing itself as a witty, farcical comedy of bored couples engaged in a zig-zagging pattern of affairs that would feel more at home in a Woody Allen film, Non-Fiction predominantly consists of conversations between a group of upper-middle class intelligentsia types; all of whom seem to be almost completely sealed off from the world around them. The farcical cheating simply ends up serving as background noise; a loosely contrived plot to string the series of conversations together.  Vincent Macaigne plays Léonard…Continue Reading