CHLOE TYE reviews Phaedra I— at Tristan Bates Theatre. Phaedra, the story of a woman tormented by Aphrodite into desiring and pursuing her step-son, was reimagined in this bold new production written and directed by Avra Sidiropoulou. Reworking Euripides, Seneca and Racine, this one woman show remained loyal to the original story but relayed it in an experimental and artistic performance. Phaedra I— translated the tale onto the modern stage in a way that paid homage to the original while presenting it in a wholly new way, reworking it for a modern audience. Avra Sidiropoulou brought this ancient tale into the realm of multimedia; Phaedra sat centre stage, her movement impeded by a billowing white dress, for the duration of the performance. The dress was constantly either illuminated by various coloured lights or projected onto with moving images. These projections were suggestive in their content but not so literal as to make either…Continue Reading

Phaedra I –

CHLOE TYE reviews Anomaly at the Old Red Lion Theatre. ‘Anomaly is not about men like Harvey Weinstein. Anomaly is a war cry for the women who have been left to pick up the pieces.’ With a runtime of just 70 minutes, Anomaly certainly manages to pack a punch. Writer Liv Warden and director Adam Small have expertly crafted a story which manipulates the audience’s emotions, one moment a sardonic farce, the next a heart-wrenching tragedy, so that you are certain to leave the theatre shaken, challenged and quite possibly slightly nauseous. Inspired by a photo of Weinstein and Meryl Streep, with the words ‘She knew’ emblazoned across her face, Warden wrote this play as the #MeToo movement developed over the past year. Phillip Preston, ‘media mogul and film-industry powerhouse’, has been arrested for assaulting his wife. His three daughters are privileged women who, before this latest scandal, have benefited off and built their careers from…Continue Reading