FARIDA EL KAFRAWY and ELLIOT SMITH review the latest exhibition at the British Library, Buddhism. Euston road during rush hour is, to say the least, not the most desirable place to spend a Thursday morning. A cacophony of trucks and buses are complemented by a film of thick black exhaust fumes, encapsulating the chaos and exhaustion which is central to urban life. The outside of the British Library could not differ more strongly to its calm and studious interior, which is now home to their latest exhibition Buddhism.  This aesthetic masterpiece showcases lavish manuscripts, shimmering golden panels, and religious iconography, which trace the development of Buddhism from its origins in 6th-century BCE India to its role as one of the five major religions in contemporary society. In this multi-sensory exhibition, you will be serenaded by a soft, unidentifiable chorus, as your eyes feast on a collection of treasures, spanning…Continue Reading

Buddhism – The British Library