SARA M. WHITE reflects on Banksy and his communication of dissent.   ‘If graffiti changed anything — it would be illegal’ reads Banksy’s mural in Fitzrovia, London. Underneath the crimson writing perches a rat. His paw is mischievously covered in paint. He sneakily looks around as if hoping not to be seen, ready to run away from the ‘crime scene’. To me, this mural represents the essence of Banksy’s work: the necessity of awakening others through rebellion. Indeed, the artist often proclaims his messages through raw, satirical images that speak directly to the modern human conscience and attack its main rivals: the establishment, conformism, war and consumerism.  A clear example of Banksy’s insurrectionary style is his piece against warfare, Crayon Boy, which depicts a child holding a machine gun. He stands in a field of colourful, child-like drawings of flowers, with an expression that is both confused and terrified. The dichotomy…Continue Reading

Concrete Rebellion