NIKI KOHANDEL is an artist entering her second year at the Slade. Working mostly with film and digital print, her interests lie in filming things that can be nurtured but also grow out of control: mothers, daughters, house gardens. RUBY ANDERSON interviewed her about her work and what inspires it.  What initially attracted you to the medium of film? I really got into it by chance. I had this editing project on my art foundation [course] where we were asked to look at found footage. So it started with the process of editing. But then coming to the Slade I was pushed to start making my own films and create new images. I was in a painting pathway, and I was really shocked when I realised that film is pretty much like painting. You can do so many things just by layering and changing the colours. What kind of things…Continue Reading

Interview: Niki Kohandel

SELENA SCOTT is a painter going into her second year at the Slade. Her portraits illustrate the complexities in identity caused by acculturation and racism, exploring hyper-masculinity and prejudice. JEAN WATT interviewed her about her practice.  Red Flower is Power is your most recent painting. What was the process of making that like? I actually started this piece before lockdown, I had originally started it in 2018 which was a year before I came to the Slade. I had taken this picture of my cousin and I knew I wanted to paint it, but I hated the initial outcome. I left it for a while but recently returned to the image after finding a recording I had taken of him speaking about his experience of gang violence in Barbados. So I decided to redo it because I felt that it had the potential to become something meaningful and I wanted…Continue Reading

Interview: Selena Scott

SHAQÚELLE WHYTE is a figurative painter going into his third year at the Slade. His practice can be encapsulated in a singular philosophy: the exploration of the human condition. RUBY ANDERSON interviewed him about his practice. What sort of work do you typically make? I’m a painter. My work is based in figuration, and I deal with people, using them like puppets to stage scenes. It’s a lot like theatre, where you have a director. I am the person that is directing everything from inception through to execution. When it comes to the people that are in the paintings, they have been mobilised because I see aspects of myself through them. It is not their stories being told, it’s my stories. But having them on the canvas removes me from being directly in the painting and I find this gives me a bit more freedom to mess around with concepts.…Continue Reading

Interview: Shaqúelle Whyte

CHANTAL GOULDER is a multimedia artist going into her second year at Slade. Her work explores themes of identity, cultural heritage and the environment. RUBY ANDERSON interviewed her about how her practice has been affected by lockdown. What kind of things had you been making before lockdown started? Before everything cut off, I was doing a big mixture of stuff. I wasn’t focused on one specific medium; things just took their form naturally. At the end of second term, I had started doing a bit more work in the dark room, learning how to enlarge and print from colour negatives. It was really fun – I had a lot of time to experiment. So would you say you were focusing more on exploring mediums than themes this year? Whatever I am making, it is always centred around the key themes of my practice. Most of the work I make is…Continue Reading

Interview: Chantal Goulder

POOR MOTHER is a multi-disciplinary artist finishing their first year at the Slade. Their drawings, performances and writing play with ideas of the surreal whilst working with elements of reality. JEAN WATT interviewed them about their practice.  What have you been up to at the moment? I’ve been trying to keep going with art as normal. I’ve also been making T-shirts which has been fun and feels like more of a hobby. It’s made me think about my drawings a lot more. In terms of reading, I’ve mostly been reading science fiction, which influences my writing. I’ve also been reading a lot about the uncanny as an influence for my work about surreality. It’s almost the opposite [of surreality]. The uncanny kind of shakes your reality and forces you to acknowledge something out of your control but surreality is making you accustomed to weirdness and surreal situations.  What work have you been…Continue Reading

Interview: Poor Mother

JIN WEI is completing his Sculpture MA at the Slade following a BA at the Glasgow School of Art. He works across the disciplines of sculpture, drawing and textiles, centring his investigations around the body. JEAN WATT interviewed him about his practice.  What have you been doing at the moment during lockdown? I started growing plants on my balcony. A lot. The process of caring and researching is very meditative. I am also reading Escapism by Yi-Fu Tuan, a Chinese-American geographer. He talks about this ‘middle landscape’, which could be a garden, theme park or shopping mall. These places become the destination for escaping to another reality, which seems to be very relevant to what we are experiencing now. Your work seems to be inspired by the natural world, has growing these plants influenced that? The shapes of [my embroidery] are very organic. I think nature has always been my…Continue Reading

Interview: Jin Wei

OKIKI AKINFE is a painter in her second year at the Slade. JEAN WATT interviewed her about how her practice has evolved this year. What have you been up to at the moment? Honestly, I think a lot of it has been distracting myself. I’ve finally started Killing Eve and Fleabag. With everything that’s going on at the moment I’m trying to take care of myself. I know everyone is reading and educating themselves [in the wake of the BLM Movement] which is really good and which I want everyone to do, but I think sometimes when you are a Black person, it can be a bit traumatic to constantly read everything again and re-see these experiences. What were you doing most recently at the Slade when you had a studio? I think I was getting to a place where I was really getting comfortable with the paintings, looking at…Continue Reading

Interview: Okiki Akinfe

EMILY WEBB is a multi-disciplinary artist in her third year at the Slade. She is a painter, printmaker, writer, and music-maker. JEAN WATT interviewed her about her practice.  What have you been up to at the moment? I’ve been finding it quite hard to do art to be honest, and a lot of my stuff had to be left at the Slade before the lockdown. So I’ve been playing a lot of my harp because I have so much free time at the moment. How long have you been playing the harp? I started learning in January, so not long, but it’s a really fun instrument to make noises with, freestyle; it’s quite an intuitive instrument. And because you hug it, it’s a really physical experience. I find it super relaxing, you can just play it for hours and you forget. I’ve also done some radio shows with harp on…Continue Reading

Interview: Emily Webb

OSCAR CRABB is an artist in his third year at the Slade. Working mostly in textiles, he explores sustainable practices and uses art as a means for political discussion. JEAN WATT interviewed him about his practice, how he’s staying creative at the moment, and how this lockdown period might affect his future work.  What have you been working on at the moment?  I haven’t been able to make any of my usual work, so I’ve been mostly planning what I could do when I’m able to access my materials again, as they’re currently locked inside my studio at the Slade. In the meantime I’ve been doing some weaving at home on a loom, drawing and a bit of writing, just trying to keep up momentum.  And what else have you been doing day to day?  Cooking, lots of cooking, making cocktails…  Tell me more!  I’ve been trying out some new…Continue Reading

Interview: Oscar Crabb