The audio and picture combine in BENJAMIN LEGGETT’s short film to create an occasionally startling and always captivating piece

Benjamin says, ‘The Fall was born out of moments collected over the course of my first year studying at UCL. A choral solo at the spring concert, washing my face in the half-light of dingy student accommodation and life drawing in a dance studio were all experiences which at some point felt significant, as though they could mean something. At the same time I needed an outlet for the pent-up anxiety and insecurities that had accumulated over the first two terms, and by making a short film I had hoped to address these issues through a sort of introspective journey. I struggled to fix these raw feelings to material scenes until I read a couple of stories by Thomas Mann which encouraged me to structure disparate ideas into some sort of narrative, a story which has at its heart a struggle between Id and Ego, Self and Other, Animal and Man.’