ANISHA MÜLLER’s short film, OSTALGIE, explores the impact of time.

My project began by looking at Wolfgang Becker’s film ‘Goodbye Lenin’ and listening to family stories about the Berlin Wall. I felt the only way to fully investigate this huge historical topic, from a personal, artistic and present-day perspective, would be to spend a week in Berlin. Over this week I documented and recorded everything from museums, to adverts, to casual conversations through painting and film footage. My overall focus was the impact time has had, which in particular has led to a change in attitude and retrospect for Berliners from both sides of the Wall. The material I collected opened my eyes to the common held belief that a metaphorical wall still divides Germany today. A concept that kept arising in my interviews and investigations was ‘Ostalgie,’ which essentially means nostalgia for the East [of Germany]. Although the Wall has been long gone, this is one of the consequences of a nation (the German Democratic Republic) having to adjust to a completely different way of life. My piece is a Film montage responding to all my findings.