TARA CARLIN and Palm Zone introduce an eclectic fuse of Rock n’ Roll sounds.

Terminal Gods celebrated their third birthday on Saturday 18th October at The Garage in Highbury. They joined with the new label Palm Zone Records to promote its debut release: Palm Zone – Session 1.

The band, which have been described to be “dirty, seedy, after-dark music that has you gagging for more”, subtly echo the vocals of Franz Ferdinand, whilst ringing a hybrid of 70s hard rock and new wave 80s beats. There is even a hint of art rock influence as they excitedly covered The Velvet Underground’s ‘White Light/White Heat’.

The band was supported by two acts, Bonfire Nights and The Cracked Bells. To describe Bonfire Knights, think of shoe gaze mixed with psych pop, with vocals resonating the raw tone of The Subways. As for The Cracked Bells, they propose a paradoxical juxtaposition between female-Iggy but jazz-style vocals with roaring riffs. Describing them accurately is a struggle as they provide an innovative approach to rock n’ roll. The vocals clashed with the music to create a lusty, raucous symphony.

If these eccentric sounds entice you, endeavor to check these bands out, as they’re on their way to taking over London’s alternative rock scene.


Links to upcoming events with the bands mentioned above:



And a LINK to Palm Zone’s facebook.

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