An outsider in Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’, John the Savage observes the World State through eyes informed by Shakespeare. He gains his morality and perspective on the world from the arts. Like John, at SAVAGE Journal, we believe that the arts can enhance our experience of the world.

SAVAGE Journal is a UCL-affiliated student platform, which comments on art, culture and the world around us in OUR JOURNAL, exhibits up-and-coming student art in OUR SHOWCASE, and provides a platform for those who have faced on-campus discrimination or prejudice to publish their testimonies in OUR VOICES.

SAVAGE Journal believes that we should look to art, literature and philosophy to aid our perception of modern life and seeks to provide a forum in which all these things – and more – can be presented.

More than anything, SAVAGE Journal is dedicated to finding, supporting and nurturing student artistic and journalistic talent.

                                 ‘LISTEN, I BEG OF YOU,’ CRIED THE SAVAGE… ‘LEND ME YOUR EARS’ 


To write for or feature in SAVAGE please email us at su.hello.savagejournal@ucl.ac.uk or find us on Facebook to contact our editors.


comments on our contemporary culture. Its sections are Theatre, Film, Music, Art, Literature and Our Thoughts. Here we publish reviews of the art around us and feature pieces that could span from analysis of the creative industries to retrospectives on individuals or movements. In Our Thoughts we encourage informative articles on anything, from a pub-crawl with Marx to Islamic Cartoon Superwomen.


has four sections: READ, LISTEN, WATCH, LOOK. This is a platform for students to present art, creative writing, original film, music and photography, both online and at our regular showcase events.


is a new platform for students to publish anonymised and unedited testimonies of prejudice and discrimination they’ve experienced in any format they like. We aim to eventually present the collection to the university administration to pressure them to take matters of discrimination more seriously and effect change.

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